Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Report

Hello, Readers,

     I just wanted to drop all of you a line and tell you that I received the editorial letter from my editor at Urban Publishing.  She has finished her 1st. round of edits for my 2012 book release, Lady Elect.  I will quote exactly what my editor said in her letter to me.
     "This is hands down and by far your best work to date.  You should be proud of yourself.  You go, girl."
     Wow, talk about being on cloud nine.  My chin was on the floor as I read her notes.  I used to say that my novel, A Man's Worth, was my best work but as I was writing Lady Elect, that changed.
     Every morning, I looked forward to placing my notebook on my lap and typing the drama.  Unlike my previous books, I didn't feel the pressure of delivering another best-seller.  There were no sleepless nights or anxiety attacks about making my June 1st. deadline.  I have to say that I flowed right through Lady Elect so effortlessly.  This time around I enjoyed creating the drama that I know you love to read.  And trust me when I say that Lady Elect doesn't fall short with the drama that's packed into each and every chapter.  I am so proud of the finished product because I know that I put both of my feet, both arms, and all 20 fingers and toes in this book.  I am happy to say that I didn't disappoint in any way.  In Lady Elect, I brought it.
     I'm an author who reads her own work and shouts out at what the characters are doing.  As if I hadn't written the book, I get caught up in the scenes and will laugh out loud or make a comment.  To me, that's normal but I understand that to others, it's crazy. 
     So get ready, Readers.  Get ready to be entertained.  Lady Elect-Arykah Miles walks into Freedom Temple Church Of God like a hurricane and turns the entire church upside down.  She is ghetto fabulous in every shape, form, and fashion.  She lets the whole congregation know that she's arrived and in Arykah's own words, "I ain't goin' nowhere."

Happy reading,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks again

Hello, Readers.

     It has been a long 6 months since I've last spoken to all of you. But I wanted to stop by my blog and extend a special 'thank you' to my favorite readers for your support. Since the release of my latest book, "Crossroads", earlier this year, it has made the Black Expressions Top 100 Best-Seller's List. Words can't express how much I appreciate all of you for your dedication and especially for reaching out to me on Facebook or e-mailing me with your thoughts on my books. I get a big kick out of opening an e-mail and seeing a message from a reader. Just last week, I put the finishing touches on my June, 2012 book release, "Lady Elect", which is the follow-up to my novel, "A Woman's Worth".  My characters, Bishop Lance Howell and Arykah Miles, are married and the Mother's of the church are not at all pleased that Pastor Lance chose a woman outside of the church family to marry. The Mother's have such a strong dislike for Arykah that they try to make her life a living hell. But Lady Arykah is from the streets and she could hold her own. When Arykah gets sick and tired of dodging the Mother's plots, plans, and schemes to oust her, she takes off her first lady hat and shows them who they're really fooling with. When it's all said and done, one Mother lands in jail and the other becomes a prime candidate for the psychiatric ward. Arykah clearly sends a message to every church member that she ain't the one to play with.

     I am very excited about "Lady Elect" and will begin to promote it as soon as my book cover is designed.

Happy reading,