Monday, February 27, 2012

Lady Elect-releasing June 1st.

Hello, Readers,

     I know many of you have been wondering what I've been doing for the past year. Well, I've been busy getting my character, Arykah Miles-Howell, ready for her debut as the First Lady of Freedom Temple Church of God in Christ.  In my novel, "A Woman's Worth", Arykah had met Bishop Lance Howell and the two of them became smitten with one another.  In "Lady Elect", Bishop Howell returns to his pulpit, fresh from vacation, with a wife in tow.  Not only was the Bishop's annoucement a slap in the face to the many single ladies that sat before him, Sunday after Sunday, hoping to be the chosen one, but the Mother's of the church refuse to accept Arykah's flashy attire.  If her fishnet stockings, massive wig collection, 6-inch red bottom stilettos and ruby red lipstick aren't enough to send them over the edge, Mother's Pansie Bowak and Gussie Hughes don't take it too kindly when Arykah graces the front pew in skintight dresses and plenty of bling.  When their pleas to the Bishop to tone down his wife falls on deaf ears, the Mother's put a plan in motion to oust Arykah from the church altogether. Doing everything short of wearing Team Hate Arykah t-shirts, the Mother's sink to an all-time low, even verbal abuse and assault to show Arykah that she's not wanted and her outspokeness won't be tolerated.  But God's words "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm", will ring true when Arykah prove to the Mother's and everyone else drinking hatorade that she's a force to reckon with and she ain't going nowhere.