Sunday, November 9, 2008

To Settle Or Not To Settle? That Is The Question.

Recently, someone asked me if I would ever date a man who was beneath me. I asked the person to clarify 'beneath'. Their response, "Well, you know, someone who doesn't earn just as much money as you. Or someone who resides in a bullet flying, drug overloaded community."
Wow, I was taken aback by this question because I consider myself to be a woman who knows what she wants and would never accept or 'Settle' for a man who couldn't match my income or afford to live in a predominantly white community. But as I stood and really thought about this question, I was forced to face reality and come down from the high horse that I'd been sitting on for quite some time. I reflected back and looked at my track record, as far as my choice of men were concerned, and realized that who I had given my heart to were very well capable of taking care of me financially, (Which was one of my requirements) but not only were they extremely boring but I had to put up with infidelity and neglect. Within the past 2 yrs., I've come to realize that life is too short to put restrictions on a man who hasn't a lot of money but can make me feel like I'm the only woman in this world and shower me with affection and make me laugh when it's raining outside and compliment me and build up my self-confidence and make sure that I have gas in my car and is willing to open doors for me and push me to reach my goals and be at my every beck and call when I need him to be and who's great with his hands and can fix things around the house and has an education and can complete full sentences that make sense and not make me hesitant to take him out in public. Heck yeah, I'll settle for a man like that. And I really can't call it 'Settling', I call it 'Choosing to be happy'.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Intelligent Women Only

This week, I'd like to share my wonderful time I had this past Saturday with the Intelligent Women Only (IWO) Book Club. I met the ladies at the Oak Park Library and what a time we had going deep into my novel, "A Man's Worth". Saying that the women were on fire for this book is really putting it mildly. At times, we forgot that we were in a library. Our discussion went almost 2 hours long and my characters, Pastor Cordell, Randall Loomis, Amaryllis Price, Gabrielle & Genevieve Davis, and of course 16 yr. old Brandon, had us laughing and getting angry at the same time. I was so happy that each lady contributed to the meeting by stating what she liked most about the novel. And after all was said and done, we ate well. Special thanks to twins, Latonya and Latoya Davis. My diva, Michelle Vaughn, for introducing "A Man's Worth" to the group. Miss Yolanda, who crammed overnight to get the book read. My mother and sister were with me for moral support and I so appreciate them for all that they do. I had a blast. And to finish out the perfect weekend, I joined the ladies at their church, Destiny Worship Center on last night for a dose of Pastor DeAndre Patterson's hooping and hollering. We fellowshipped, we danced, we cried and we danced some more. I walked away with Pastor Patterson's motto: "Don't believe what you see, see what you believe."