Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Behold The Contest Questions.

Below you will find 10 questions relating to scenes from my previous novels, "A Man's Worth", "Amaryllis", & "A Woman's Worth". Each of the 10 questions contain 3 or more individual questions. All of the questions MUST be answered correctly. The first 5 people that answer all of the questions correctly will receive a complimentary autographed copy of "Crossroads".

Step 2: Don't forget to leave us your email address. Winners will be notified by email and they will also be listed on my blog. The contest will run through Saturday, January 1, 2011.

Good Luck to all!

P.S. Email me with your answers otherwise everyone will know what you know. Here is the contest email address

1. In the book, “A Man’s Worth”, what was the name of the shopping mall that Randall Loomis first met Amaryllis Price? What was she wearing? What brand of shoes did Randall buy for Amaryllis and what color were they?

2. In the book, “A Woman’s Worth”, what was the nickname that Monique had affectionally given to her fiance’s mother, Myrtle Cortland? How did Monique come up with that particular nickname?

3. In the book, “Amaryllis”, Amaryllis’ sister, Michelle, had a friend whom she met at church. What was her friend’s name? What was her friend’s husband’s name? What was her friend’s daughter’s name?

4. In the book, “Amaryllis”, Amaryllis sent her sister, Michelle, a jigsaw puzzle. What was written on the note that accompanied the 5th piece of the puzzle?

5. In the book, “A Man’s Worth”, God had given Randall a mansion? What was the address and street name?

6. In the book, “A Woman’s Worth”, where did Boris get doped up. Who was Boris’ dope dealer and what was his drug of choice?

7. In the book, “Amaryllis”, what type of tattoo could be seen on Amaryllis’ backside when she danced nude at Michelle’s fiance’s bachelor party?

8. In “A Man’s Worth”, Amaryllis visited the store ‘For Men Only’. What items did she buy?”

9. In “A Man’s Worth”, Randall had adopted 3 children. The youngest, Eboni, had a handicap. What was it? What was Eboni’s favorite candy?

10. In “A Woman’s Worth”, where had Adonis purchased Monique’s diamond tennis bracelet? How much did it cost?