Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello, readers. Boy, it seems like ages since I've had the chance to sit and communicate with you. I am nearing the end of my 1st. book tour. I've been traveling the country from city to city & state to state. This summer I've visited so many beautiful places including Las Vegas & California. With a little over a month to go on my tour, I will visit Detroit, Ohio, St Louis, as well as Raleigh. I've had a fabulous time meeting new people and the book stores have treated me like royalty. Who knew that my novels "A Man's Worth" & "Amaryllis" would capture the hearts of thousands? Thanks to all who came out to support me and many thanks to all of the book clubs that have chosen my books and a very special thanks to those individuals who took the time to e-mail me with your kind words or not so kind words about my psychotic character, Amaryllis Price. Yes, I've come to learn that she's the talk of many towns as my novels are reached to many by word of mouth. At this time, I'd like to address the publication of my novel, "Crossroads". E-mails are pouring in daily from readers wanting to know when the next installment of the "Amaryllis" series will hit the book shelves. The truth is that "Crossroads" was origninally set to release in August of 2010. However, my publisher didn't think my manuscript was thick enough (not enough pages) and it didn't meet the requirement for publication. So, I've been asked to add about 25,000 more words. In order to do that, "Crossroads" has been pusehd back to release in 2011. The one thing I never want to do is disappointment my faithful readers who have come to love me and my style of writing. I want to give you exactly what you deserve and that's a great book with a great storyline. So, I ask for your patience while I operate on my "Crossroads" manuscript. But I have good news. I didn't want to go a whole year without a book release, so I am releasing my4th book, "A Woman's Worth" ahead of schedule on January 1st, 2010. It is the flip side of my novel, "A Man's Worth" and another page turner. See, because you've taken care of me, I'm taking care of you. Next year I will be visiting new cities on my book tour. Again, I thank you all for helping me make the Black Expressions Top 100 Best-Seller's List. It has been a joy and I appreciate you for taking this ride with me.

Happy reading,

Nikita Lynnette Nichols