Saturday, December 6, 2008

T'is The Season To Be...?

Along with being jolly, t'is also the season to be thankful. It's so very easy to complain about what we don't have, and often times, we forget that even though the economy is the worst we've seen in years, we are still blessed with the things we do have. Let's not take for granted that we have the activities of our limbs. Everyone isn't privileged with all five of their senses. So, instead of wishing for bigger homes, newer cars and finer jewelry, count it a joy that you're cancer free. As we approach Christmas day, remember that the birth of Jesus Christ is the real reason why we celebrate. He is the Giver of all givers. Let's challenge ourselves this year and focus on giving instead of receiving. Whatever you choose to give to someone else, whether it's money, time, compassion or if you donate an organ, do it with a sense of love and a pure heart and don't expect anything in return. You'll find that the Lord will bless you abundantly. Give and it shall be given unto you in good measure. Now that's what Christmas is all about.