Saturday, October 18, 2008

Put Yourself 1st.

Life is way too short to try and please and satisfy those that don't deserve it. As a young girl, I was taught to always love and respect myself more than anyone else would. We must be very careful of those whom we idolize. Sometimes, especially in relationships, we tend to give more of ourselves than we receive. Love is a 2-way street and a healthy relationship/friendship should always be balanced. Be mindful of those that tend to always have his/her hand out to receive your last but is never around to replenish what they owe you in your time of need. Folks can only take advantage of your good heart if you allow them to. Never, under any circumstance, allow someone to become your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. Put yourself 1st.


Saturday, October 4, 2008


This week, I will not be blogging about any particular issue. Instead, I wish to send out my heartfelt thanks for the support you, my fans, have shown me on this past Saturday. I had the pleasure of signing copies of my novel, "A Man's Worth" at "Da Book Joint" on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The owner, Verlean Singletary showed me nothing but kindness from the moment I entered her establishment. It was very important for me to sign at this particular bookstore for the sales are reported directly to Essence Magazine. Well, I'm ecstatic to report that the Lord moved on my behalf and just within an hour and a half of the signing, only 5 copies were left. Ms. Singletary reports that when she received the shipment of books from my publisher 2 weeks ago, people were coming in and snatching them off the shelves. She also stated that in the year she's been in business, only one other author had a complete sell out. The book signing was a major success. The event began at 12 noon and was scheduled to last til 4 P.M. but by 2:55 P.M., I was already on my way home. Although a sell out has been my prayer, it was very much unexpected. I must give a special thanks to my girls, Yolunda, Latricia, Sandra and Karen. Even though you ladies couldn't be with me physically, I appreciate the constant text messages and phone calls checking up on me asking how the signing was going. My very good friend, Cherritta (Sherry) Smith in Las Vegas, I especially thank you for all the pep talks.
Kudos to my mother (Victoria), sister (Theresa), niece (Toiya), aunt (Frenchie), aunt (Michelle) and my dedicated, faithful, loving uncle and #1 fan (Kenneth) who all sat with me and cheered me on. I was so elated to see many of my co-workers. Thanks to Jeanelle Bassett who graced me with her presence, Skokie misses you girl. I finally got to meet my newest fan, Rhonda Gary. Special thanks to my daddy (William) who was just a phone call away on the golf course and to my wonderful brother (Raymond) for creating my book cover in a poster form, it is fabulous.

I'm looking forward to next Saturday, October 11th, as I will be signing more copies of "A Man's Worth" at the Borders bookstore in Matteson, Illinois, on the corner of Lincoln Highway and Cicero Avenue @ 2 P.M. Hope to see you there and please bring a friend.

Peace and blessings to you all,